Betting on future NCAA FSB conference winners

When it comes to college football betting and hitting big winners on conference winners in both future wagers and daily wagers we are there to help you. Future bets attract a lot of action because of the amount of effort that is needed when researching their odds. Nobody can predict what the long NCAAF season[…]

Betting college football night games

Betting college football night games can be very profitable if handicappers follow a few key trends and remain disciplined. With the addition of big TV money, smaller schools are now being featured during primetime weekday games. These teams rarely get the opportunity to play on such a big level with a huge audience and the[…]

The difference between NCAA and NFL Betting

The two mammoths that dominate sports book betting every week are the NFL and NCAA Football. But despite being the same sport, there is a big difference between betting the two levels of football. Bettors cannot assume that football is football. So, we’ve put together a few tips when considering handicapping a football game. First,[…]