In-state NCAAF rivalries; what’s at stake and how bettors should play these games

The college football landscape can change dramatically with just a single win.

Teams thrive on recruiting and in order to attract the best talent, schools must win.

In-state rivalries games also offer a bit more than just a regular game as entire stadiums are packed and rocking and the teams take it personal. Many players are pre-recruited by multiple schools, so there is no backing down from competing against the team hey may have snubbed.

With these terrific rivalries, comes great betting action, and reading between the lines can allow college football handicappers to cash in. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind if betting on a college football rivalry game.

Most college football rivalries take place near the end of the season, as most of these games are meant to decide if a team is bowl eligible or not.

Over the years, these rivalry matchups have an added emphasis on them because of the nature of the college football playoffs and the amount of teams competing for a top spot. Now, not only are the games meaningful for recruiting, but teams are also able to possibly knock their rival out of playoff contention, even if they are eligible themselves.

Bettors also need to keep in mind that rivalry games, unlike regular season games, minimizes the home field advantage. So, simply wagering on the home team is not a recipe for easy success. It doesn’t matter who has the most talent, but which team digs deep and wants it more.

With that, one successful approach is to back the underdog in t rivalry games, even if they are on the road.

With a road underdog during a rivalry game, bettors are likely to catch an inflated line because of the public perception of the home team. Therefore bettors should look to play the underdog, especially when it is not as evenly matched “on paper” as the favorite, because there is an even greater chance the amount of points they are getting will be greatly inflated.

Finally, taking the approach of whatever team “needs” it more is a sure way to lose a part of our bankroll.

The odds-makers recognize that most people bet based on “need” and that usually leaves bettors some good opportunities to make some cash during rivalry week.